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List of my projects

List of projects I translate

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name lang link
Forgejo bg weblate
Lemmy bg weblate
Mbin bg weblate
Firefish bg weblate
Iceshrimp bg weblate
Fedilab bg weblate
Tusky bg weblate
Kaiteki bg weblate
PeerTube bg weblate
KeepassDX bg weblate
Fossify bg weblate
LibreTranslate bg weblate
Mangane bg github
Jerboa bg github
Thumb-Key bg github
SDDM bg github
Localazy bg localazy
Element Web bg localazy
Element X bg localazy

List of projects I develop

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name QA
description Question and answer (Q&A) site
homepage salif.github.io/QA
source code github.com/salif/QA
source code codeberg.org/salif/QA
languages Java
license MIT
name ballerina-rosettacode
description Tasks from Rosetta Code implemented in Ballerina
source code github.com/salif/ballerina-rosettacode
source code codeberg.org/salif/ballerina-rosettacode
languages Ballerina
license BSL-1.0
name sinhrz
description A simple folder synchronization tool
homepage salif.github.io/sinhrz
source code github.com/salif/sinhrz
source code codeberg.org/salif/sinhrz
languages Java
license Apache-2.0
name pdftros
description Pdf Organizer
homepage pdftros.salif.eu
source code github.com/salif/pdftros
source code codeberg.org/salif/pdftros
languages Java
license MPL-2.0
name alfabetoj
description Esperanto alphabet converter
homepage salif.github.io/alfabetoj
source code github.com/salif/alfabetoj
source code codeberg.org/salif/alfabetoj
languages JavaScript
license Apache-2.0
name dododon
description A compiler for a new programming language
source code github.com/salif/dododon
source code codeberg.org/salif/dododon
languages Java, Dododon
license AGPL-3.0-or-later
name cli-games
description Games in the terminal
homepage salif.github.io/cli-games
source code github.com/salif/cli-games
languages JavaScript, Python
license MIT
name hasher
description Library and cli tool for password hashing
homepage salif.github.io/hasher
source code github.com/salif/hasher
source code codeberg.org/salif/hasher
languages Go
license MIT
docs pkg.go.dev
name esiromem
description For memorizing things, using spaced repetition
source code github.com/salif/esiromem
license EUPL
name hide-text
description Hide a secret text message inside a text message
homepage npmjs.com
source code codeberg.org/salif/hide-text
source code github.com/salif/hide-text
languages JavaScript
license MIT
name chat
description PHP/SQLite chat design
source code github.com/salif/chat
source code codeberg.org/salif/chat
languages PHP
license MIT
name colemak-eo
description Esperanto (Colemak) keyboard layout
homepage salif.github.io/colemak-eo
source code github.com/salif/colemak-eo
source code codeberg.org/salif/colemak-eo
name colemak-bg
description Bulgarian (Colemak) keyboard layout
homepage salif.github.io/colemak-bg
source code github.com/salif/colemak-bg
source code codeberg.org/salif/colemak-bg
name colemak-tr
description Turkish (Colemak) keyboard layout
homepage salif.github.io/colemak-tr
source code github.com/salif/colemak-tr
source code codeberg.org/salif/colemak-tr
name colemak-ru
description Russian (Colemak) keyboard layout
homepage salif.github.io/colemak-ru
source code github.com/salif/colemak-ru
source code codeberg.org/salif/colemak-ru
name shaw_eo
description Esperanto (Shavian) keyboard layout
homepage salif.github.io/shaw_eo
source code github.com/salif/shaw_eo
source code codeberg.org/salif/shaw_eo
name arch-pkgs
description Personal Arch Linux Repository
homepage arch-pkgs.salif.eu
source code github.com/salif/arch-pkgs
source code codeberg.org/salif/arch-pkgs
license MIT
name dotfiles
description My dotfiles
homepage salif.github.io/dotfiles
source code github.com/salif/dotfiles
source code codeberg.org/salif/dotfiles
license MIT

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