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List of my projects

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name sinhrz
description A simple folder synchronization tool
homepage salif.github.io/sinhrz
source code github.com/salif/sinhrz
source code codeberg.org/salif/sinhrz
name alfabetoj
description Esperanto alphabet converter
homepage salif.github.io/alfabetoj
source code github.com/salif/alfabetoj
source code codeberg.org/salif/alfabetoj
name ballerina-rosettacode
description Tasks from Rosetta Code implemented in Ballerina
source code github.com/salif/ballerina-rosettacode
source code codeberg.org/salif/ballerina-rosettacode
name cli-games
description Games in the terminal
homepage salif.github.io/cli-games
source code github.com/salif/cli-games
name mbin-custom-css
description Mbin/Kbin Custom CSS Themes
source code github.com/salif/mbin-custom-css
name tok-bul-dict
description Toki Pona - Bulgarian dictionary
homepage salif.github.io/tok-bul-dict
source code github.com/salif/tok-bul-dict
source code codeberg.org/salif/tok-bul-dict
name esiromem
description For memorizing things, using spaced repetition
source code github.com/salif/esiromem


name dotfiles
description My dotfiles
homepage salif.github.io/dotfiles
source code github.com/salif/dotfiles
source code codeberg.org/salif/dotfiles
name arch-pkgs
description Personal Arch Linux Repository
homepage salif.github.io/arch-pkgs
source code github.com/salif/arch-pkgs
source code codeberg.org/salif/arch-pkgs
name lemmy-onion-service
description Self-hosted Lemmy using the Tor network
source code github.com/salif/lemmy-onion-service

Keyboard layouts

name colemak-eo
description Esperanto (Colemak) keyboard layout
homepage salif.github.io/colemak-eo
source code github.com/salif/colemak-eo
source code codeberg.org/salif/colemak-eo
name colemak-bg
description Bulgarian (Colemak) keyboard layout
homepage salif.github.io/colemak-bg
source code github.com/salif/colemak-bg
source code codeberg.org/salif/colemak-bg
name colemak-tr
description Turkish (Colemak) keyboard layout
homepage salif.github.io/colemak-tr
source code github.com/salif/colemak-tr
source code codeberg.org/salif/colemak-tr
name colemak-ru
description Russian (Colemak) keyboard layout
homepage salif.github.io/colemak-ru
source code github.com/salif/colemak-ru
source code codeberg.org/salif/colemak-ru
name shaw_eo
description Esperanto (Shavian) keyboard layout
homepage salif.github.io/shaw_eo
source code github.com/salif/shaw_eo
source code codeberg.org/salif/shaw_eo


name QA
description Question and answer (Q&A) site
homepage salif.github.io/QA
source code github.com/salif/QA
source code codeberg.org/salif/QA
name hasher
description Library and cli tool for password hashing
homepage salif.github.io/hasher
source code github.com/salif/hasher
source code codeberg.org/salif/hasher
name gu
description Zenity GUI dialogs Gleam wrapper
homepage hex.pm/packages/gu
source code github.com/salif/gu
source code codeberg.org/salif/gu
name morse-code-translator
description Morse Code Translator
homepage salif.github.io/morse-code-translator
source code github.com/salif/morse-code-translator
source code codeberg.org/salif/morse-code-translator
name gleam-open-color
description Gleam implementation of the Open Color scheme
homepage hex.pm/packages/open_color
source code github.com/salif/gleam-open-color
name hide-text
description Hide a secret text message inside a text message
homepage npmjs.com
source code codeberg.org/salif/hide-text
source code github.com/salif/hide-text
name chat
description PHP/SQLite chat design
source code github.com/salif/chat
source code codeberg.org/salif/chat


name Tetris
description Tetris game (Fork)
homepage salif.github.io/Tetris
source code github.com/salif/Tetris
name projstats
description Count source lines of code
source code github.com/salif/projstats
name TypingTest
source code github.com/salif/TypingTest
name pdftros
source code github.com/salif/pdftros


name glance_printer_bal
description Turn glance AST into a Ballerina source code
source code codeberg.org/salif/glance_printer_bal
source code github.com/salif/glance_printer_bal
name maze
homepage salif.github.io/maze
source code github.com/salif/maze
name pvcure
description Cipher
homepage salif.github.io/pvcure
source code github.com/salif/pvcure

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